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Claver Foundation

The St. Peter Claver Foundation supports the work of the Knights of Peter Claver as well as special programs and projects that strengthen the communities where the Knights and Ladies reside. 

The Claver Foundation shall award financial assistance to Courts, Councils, Branches, Chapters and Assemblies that undertake charitable programs in support of the goals and objectives of the Knights of Peter Claver, Inc.  The assistance is specific to the communities served by the units in their respective Districts throughout the nation.

At present, the five programs of the Foundation are:

  • The Promotion of Vocation and Religious Life among African Americans.

  • Outreach and Education regarding Health Care issues of Sickle Cell Anemia, Cancer and Hypertension in the African American Community.

  • Education and introduction to the Church's Pro-Life Program and Alternatives to Abortion within the African American Community.

  • Fundraising for Catholic Schools in Predominantly African American Communities.

  • To award scholarship and support Historically Black Colleges and Universities. 

Programs Funded
2015 Grant Awards
  1. "Knights of Peter Claver Jr. Natl Convention - High School Graduates Reception", Orlando, FL
2014 Grant Awards
  1. "Bringing Back Our People"; Kansas City, MO
  2. "Getting Personal with College Selection"; Kansas City, MO
  3. "Meals for the Heart from the Heart"; Charleston, SC
  4. "School Supplies/Christmas Toy Donations"; Kenner, LA
  5. "Tutorial Program to Assist w/Test Performance"; Houston, TX
  6. "Houston Teen Summit"; Houston, TX
  7. "Leaders of Tomorrow"; Houston, TX
  8. "Building a Village"; Chicago, IL
  9. "Lifetime Skills for Juniors: Etiquette Workship"; Austin, TX
  10. "Development Programs for Higher Education"; Atlanta, GA
  11. "Community Garden Project"; Decatur, GA

Based on the belief that social change ultimately depends on individual citizens making informed choices from a thoughtful, ethical, and humane perspective, the Claver Foundation Scholarship Program aims to bolster critical thinking, free and open intellectual inquiry, innovative and responsible problem solving, cross-cultural tolerance and respect, and a nuance understanding of the complex challenges to an open society. 

Scholarship opportunities in the social sciences and humanities are awarded to outstanding individual from a range of backgrounds to pursue their studies.  Approximately 100 awards are offered annually, with open, merit-based competitions. 


The St. Peter Claver Foundation seeks to emulate the spirit and high ideals articulated by St. Peter Claver, namely service to the neglected, the persecuted and the enslaved. In addition to its commitment to support the mission and goals of the Catholic Church, the Foundation promotes and enhances the charitable work of the Knights of Peter Claver, Inc., by addressing the multiple need and aspirations of the Order's members and the communities where they serve.   Some of the current programs include:

  • Scholarships
  • Charity Fund Appeal
  • Soaring High Tutorial Program
  • Human Development
  • Sickle Cell National Project
  • KPC Vocations Program

The Foundation provides grants to units of the Knights of Peter Claver, Inc. and other non-profit entities that support the work and mission of the Foundation.  Through targeted grant making, the Foundation's primary focus is on college scholarship, promoting Catholic values; advancing human knowledge, creativity and care for underprivileged and at-risk children.

One of the Foundation's initiatives is the “Youth Adventure Program.” This program is aimed to uplift young people, especially those who have been labeled as “at risk.” SPCF is dedicated to engaging underprivileged youth in an intense program of service learning experiences, field trips, and new opportunities.  Click here for micro-grant application

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